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Noble Mind

Sep 25, 2020

In this episode, we talk to Nadia Colburn ​about ​the power of mindful storytelling and creativity to shape our inner and outer worlds for more peace and justice. Nadia Colburn is the founder of Align Your Story writing school. Her poetry and prose have been published in more than 80 publications including The New Yorker, Kenyon Review, Harvard Review, Spirituality and Health, and Lion’s Roar. She's also the author of the poetry book The High Shelf. Nadia holds a PhD in English from Columbia University and a BA from Harvard. She is a certified yoga teacher, a serious student of Thich Nhat Hanh, and an activist for social and environmental justice.

Noble Mind is a podcast exploring mindfulness, meditation, and psychology. In each episode, hosts Alex Gokce, MSW, and Katherine King, PsyD host inspiring conversations with psychologists, authors, and other thought leaders seeking real world wisdom you can bring into daily life. Get show notes, suggest interviews, sign up for bonus content, and more at